Step back in time and explore local history

As the home of the world famous Buffalo Soldiers, legendary lawman Wyatt Earp, and prominent Apache chief Geronimo, Cochise County is a history buff’s dream.

At the center of this rich Western narrative lies Sierra Vista, where the U.S. Army established Fort Huachuca in 1877 at the base of the imposing Huachuca Mountains.

The military installation may be active, but visitors can see the original officers’ homes, still lived in today, as well as the barracks, which are now used as offices.

And don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Fort Huachuca museums, which tell the compelling story of the courageous Buffalo Soldiers and the birth of the intelligence corps, as well as the old post cemetery where a number of the original personnel and their families are buried.

To learn more about the pioneers who first called Sierra Vista home more than a century ago, head to the Henry F. Hauser Museum, which regularly changes up its exhibits.

Take a journey spanning thousands of years when you visit the sites of ancient civilizations along the San Pedro River, where you will also find fascinating ghost towns.

Fans of Western lore can drive the 16 miles to Tombstone, where the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral took place in 1881.

And in nearby Bisbee, just 30-minutes from Sierra Vista, wander cobbled streets and alleyways for an enchanting tour of this historic former mining community, where Victorian architecture acts as a splendid showcase to a bygone era.