Arts & Culture

Thanks to the presence of Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista is home to an eclectic mix of cultures, with many transplants from around the globe, including Japan, Italy, Korea, Vietnam, Germany, and all over the United States. This diversity has brought a smorgasbord of authentic cuisine and art to the area. The Huachuca Art Association supports member artists with a studio and gallery where art is shared and many public events are held. Each October, the association hosts Art in the Park, the region’s premiere arts and crafts show, which is held in Veterans Memorial Park. Home to the Centennial Pavilion, this large community park is the perfect place to enjoy one of Sierra Vista’s many outdoor concerts, big summer movie nights, and special events.

To celebrate the diverse cultures that make Sierra Vista such a vibrant community, a cultural heritage fair is held each spring. More than 30 nations are represented by local residents who share the food, music, clothing, dances, and traditions of their native lands. The community is also home to one of the largest cowboy poetry and music gatherings in the country. Hosted at the Buena Performing Arts Center and spilling into other local venues, this event features dozens of talented musicians and poets who travel from as far as Australia to perform. Unlike popular country western music, these artists specialize in pure western music, driven by rich stories and steeped in the tradition of cozying up to a camp fire and telling tall tales.

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