A wealth of opportunities

By Amanda Baillie One of the most commonly asked questions by visitors and new residents of Sierra Vista, in southern Arizona, is “what is there to do?” Thanks to its world-class attractions, diverse wildlife, natural beauty, and enviable climate, Sierra Vista’s residents enjoy a wealth of year-round recreational activities. Close to home, Veterans Memorial Park plays host to a number … Read More

Sierra Vista loves to give!

By Amanda Baillie In the year 2065, how will Sierra Vista be remembered? Thanks to the Salvation Army, the community will be recognized as one that found happiness in doing the most for others. On Friday, the city’s citizens of 2016 gathered to bury a time capsule at the entrance to the newly completed Salvation Army building on Wilcox Drive. … Read More

Sierra Vista tax-friendly for retirees

By Amanda Baillie Sierra Vista has been ranked as one of the most tax-friendly places for retirees in Arizona, according to a recent study. SmartAsset, a New York-based financial technology company, looked at how tax policies in cities across the state would impact a retiree with a $50,000 income. Sierra Vista, which is located in Southeast Arizona, and is about … Read More

Fun learning for retirees

By Amanda Baillie It is never too late to learn something new and, thanks to dedicated local educators, Sierra Vista has plenty of opportunities to do so. Rated the 3rd best community college in the nation, Cochise College is where area residents of all ages head for a chance to expand their knowledge and skills. And this month, the facility … Read More

Steeped in history

By Amanda Baillie In May this year, Sierra Vista celebrated its 60th birthday. But while it may be a relatively young community, the city sits in a region steeped in a rich and colorful history. It was thanks to the establishment of Fort Huachuca in 1877 that Sierra Vista began to grow. The land immediately outside the main gate of … Read More

Buy an affordable home in Sierra Vista

By Amanda Baillie How much does it cost to buy a home in Sierra Vista? The good news is that the median price of a house here is $149,000. That’s significantly less than the national figure of $306,700, according to the latest figures from the National Census Bureau. “This is a great time to buy a home in Sierra Vista,” … Read More

Shop the West End

By Amanda Baillie If you like to shop at quirky, independent businesses, then Sierra Vista has plenty to offer – especially in its historic West End district. Located outside the gates of Fort Huachuca, the West End is home to a growing number of ‘mom and pop’ stores, restaurants and bars. This is the original part of Sierra Vista and … Read More

World class orthopedic care

By Amanda Baillie Since opening its doors in April 2015, the Canyon Vista Medical Center has continued to seek new ways to improve its services. It is especially focused on the older population and ensuring quality of care for retirees. Among the pioneering amenities now on offer is the Bone and Joint Institute, headed up by highly regarded orthopedic surgeon … Read More

Tales of the river bank

By Amanda Baillie Sierra Vista sits in a region rich in Southwestern history, with the 1880s playing a big role in the future of Cochise County. But did you know that we also have historic sites dating back thousands of years? The San Pedro River is an important part of our community today, just as it was to the original … Read More